The Virtual and Hybrid Hearing Experience At Bangunan Sulaiman

AIAC provides a variety of virtual and hybrid hearing solutions where the affected parties, arbitral tribunal, representatives, experts, witnesses or observers can attend the hearing virtually via video conference, without the hassle of traveling to the venue. AIAC’s virtual hearings platforms are designed to accommodate a wide range of extenuating circumstances, while still providing quality dispute resolution throughout the proceedings. It is an essential feature that supports the AIAC’s ability to function efficiently and effectively through agile and flexible virtual platforms, for the benefit of the parties.

Hearing, Meeting and Event Rooms

As a world-class arbitration venue, AIAC offers rooms that are constructed for a conducive dispute resolution experience, ensuring privacy, confidentiality and exclusivity throughout the entire proceedings. Additionally, event rooms with a variety of sizes are also available to accommodate functions of various sizes, professional gatherings and networking events.

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