Bangunan Sulaiman

The AIAC is privileged to be located at Bangunan Sulaiman, which is one of the most distinguishable British colonial buildings in Kuala Lumpur. Together with the Railway Station and the Railway Offices located nearby, Bangunan Sulaiman forms part of an enclave of three buildings that originally belonged to the Federated Malay States Railways. In 2018, Bangunan Sulaiman was recognised as a National Heritage Site in Malaysia.

Bangunan Sulaiman was opened in 1933 and over the years has housed a variety of government offices, including the Syariah court. In 2011, the Malaysian government decided to designate the building to the AIAC (then – KLRCA). Despite restoration and refurbishment hurdles, it was a remarkable milestone which captured the growing importance of ADR and the AIAC’s role in such growth.

Spanning across 16,430 sqm, Bangunan Sulaiman includes 21 hearing rooms, 12 breakout rooms, a business centre, a library, an auditorium, and multiple dining areas. The official launch of the new AIAC’s facilities was held in 2014, and the building has been further modernised to provide state-of-the-art video conferencing and court recording and transcription (CRT) services, utilising the latest in IT technology with a full suite of collaborative features for laptops, tablets and mobile devices. The AIAC’s advanced CRT rooms are capable of Ultra-HD video recordings with specialised court-style video capture, supplemented by Smart Voice-Tracking microphones and automated Audio-to-Text transcription for ease of user interface.

The AIAC’s facilities are inclusive of the following:

  • 2 Extra-Large Tribunal Rooms (up to 60 persons)
  • 21 Hearing Rooms – Large (22 persons), Medium (14 persons) and Small (10 persons) sizes
  • 12 Breakout Rooms
  • VIP / Arbitrators’ Lounge
  • 2 Seminar Rooms (up to 100 persons)
  • Business Centre access for private discussions
  • Library – with specialised ADR & Construction Law resources
  • Auditorium Theatre (up to 200 persons)
  • Private Dining Area
  • Indoor Cafeteria
  • Outdoor Cafeteria
  • Pavilion Area for cocktail or networking events / dinners
  • Vibrant koi fish pond and natural surroundings for corporate events