AIAC Fast Track Arbitration Rules are designed for parties who wish to obtain an award in the fasted way with minimal costs. The new Fast Track Rules have been modified to run more cohesively with international trends in arbitration proceedings and AIAC’s functions in line with current practices in international commercial arbitration.

Fast Track Arbitration rules are also available in different languages. Other languages such as Malay, Indonesian, Arabic, Spanish, Spanish, Korean and Russian. With the KLRCA’s transformation to the Asian International Arbitration Centre in 2018 and driven by an Asian-International market, amendments to the i-Arbitration Rules will follow suit. These amendments will ensure that the integrity of the core principles subscribed to in the i-Arbitration Rules are maintained whilst continuous efforts are undertaken to extend our reach beyond South East Asia. New set of Fast Track arbitration rules would be simle and efficient with just 10 Rules. The scope of definition of international arbitration has been extended to make rules more efficient for cross border transactions and international dispute resolution. Rules also provide for more efficient deadlines which help save valuable time of the parties while delivering transparent and unbiased award/settlement.

Fast Track Arbitration Rules 2018

Fast Track Arbitration Rules (Revised 2013)