A.About Us

The AIAC’s library is one of the most valuable ADR resources in Malaysia. It houses a wide variety of books, arbitration journals, key local law reports, and is regularly updated.

Users of the AIAC’s Library will also be able to find the latest local judgments and rulings as reported in the Common Law Journal and Malayan Law Journal. The AIAC has also upgraded its content to also include key construction law authorities, i.e. full sets of the Building Law Report, International Construction Law Review, and Construction Industry Law Letter.

Users of the AIAC’s library will also be able to enjoy access to online resources such as LexisNexis, Westlaw, Kluwer Arbitration and CLJ Shariah.

Printing, scanning, and photocopying services are also available.

B.Plan Your Visit

We do not accept walk-in visitors. You are required to schedule your appointment from at least one (1) Business Day in advance. To schedule an appointment, please contact our Library team at library@aiac.world.

C.Contact Information

Phone: +03-2271 1000 (direct line)

Fax: +603 2271 1010 (Attn: Library)

Email: library@aiac.world

D.Operational Hours

OPERATING HOURS Monday-Friday 9.00 am-5.00pm
LUNCH BREAK Monday-Thursday
1.00 pm-2.00pm
CLOSED ON Saturday-Sunday and National Public Holidays -


  1. The AIAC Library is accessible by any users who intends to use our collections and facilities for research and references.
  2. Access to the AIAC Library is strictly by appointment only. Generally, users can schedule their library appointments between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday).
  3. We do not accept walk-in visitors. You are required to schedule your appointment from at least one (1) Business Day in advance. To schedule an appointment, please contact our Library team at library@aiac.world.
  4. By gaining access to the AIAC Library, it is deemed that you agree to comply with the House Rules and you shall commit yourself to follow the same.

F.Requesting and Borrowing

  1. Users are not allowed to borrow any collection from the AIAC Library.
  2. Materials can be requested via email.
  3. Users can request for any collection from the AIAC Library to be scanned, printed and copied at a reasonable price. For the purpose of photocopying, printing and scanning services, users are allowed to photocopy, print or scan a maximum of twenty (20) pages at a time from each material. Please also note that all requests for photocopies, printing and scanning will only be attended to once payment has been received in full.
  4. Any users who exceed the limit for photocopy, print and scan the materials from the AIAC Library as specified in paragraph (iii) above shall be solely responsible for their actions that might violate the Copyright Act 1987 (Act 332).
  5. Users are not allowed to tamper the collections by scribbling on the materials, alter the materials and/or cause damage to the materials.
  6. The AIAC Library reserves the right to restrict the maximum number of publications that can be photocopied by users at all times.

G.House Rules

  1. During each visit to the AIAC Library, users shall inform the reception officer upon arrival at the lobby.
  2. All users shall observe total silence in the library at all times.
  3. Users shall not leave any belongings unattended. The AIAC Library shall not be held liable nor responsible for any damage and/or loss to the users’ belongings.
  4. Users shall place their mobile phone(s) on silent mode and/or switch it off to avoid causing disturbance or nuisance to other users.
  5. Mobile phones, laptops and other electrical devices must be switched to silent mode at all times in the library.
  6. Phone calls/Skype/Facetime/Zoom calls are not permitted inside the Reading Room.
  7. Cleanliness shall be maintained at all times within the premise of the AIAC Library.
  8. Visitors must be properly dressed. STRICTLY NO shorts, hot pants, short skirts, singlets, slippers & flip flops.
  9. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the AIAC Library.
  10. Eating & drinking are strictly prohibited in the AIAC Library.
  11. Any user(s) who violate the above rules may be asked to leave the AIAC Library.
  12. Usage of laptops and computers are allowed within the premise of the AIAC Library.
  13. Users are not allowed to pick any book and journal from the shelves. Users to request from the librarian of the desired book. The same rule shall apply to return of book and journal.
  14. All items in the AIAC Library must be handled with general care.
  15. All materials received from the librarian must be returned in the same condition.
  16. Do not mark, scribble, bend, cause damage or otherwise alter the materials available in the AIAC Library.
  17. Librarian shall make an announcement before the closing of the library. All users shall leave the library after the announcement is made.
  18. Failure by the users to adhere to rules listed herein shall result in loss of access to all AIAC materials and pecuniary sanctions shall be imposed in the event there is any damage to any collection of the AIAC Library.
  19. Users also must be adhered to all rules and regulations issued by the AIAC at all times
  20. Children may not be taken into the Library. The Library is not open for children below the age of 16.


  1. Wifi & Internet Connection
  2. Hypermedia:
    1. The AIAC Library provides access to legal databases, eBooks and internet search to all library users.
    2. The User ID and Password(s) of all online databases offered by the AIAC Library will be controlled by the librarian on duty.
  3. Photocopying, scanning and/or printing services are strictly subject to copyright restrictions.
  4. Reservation of books via email.

I.Fees & Charges

Users are required to make payment before the librarian could attend to request for any services.




Photocopy & Printing

(a) RM 0.60 per A4 size copy (Black & White)

(b) RM 1.50 per A4 size copy (Colour)

(c) RM 1.50 per A3 size copy (Black & White)

(d) RM 2.00 per A3 size copy (Colour)

(e) RM 0.60 per A5 size copy (Black & White)

(f) Photocopy or scanning sent via e-mail:

RM1.00 per case + RM10.00 service charge per email


RM0.50 per copy (Colour or Black & White)

Usage of Online Subscription Databases

RM5.00 per 30 minutes of usage + RM1.00 printing/softcopy for 1 case.

Computer Usage (Use of Microsoft Word)

Please note that all requests for photocopies, print and scan that are received by email, or during walk-ins, will only be attended to once payment has been received in full.

For users who have paid via online transfer as mode of payment, proof of payment must be emailed to the librarian for the AIAC's record.