Institutional arbitration under the AIAC Arbitration Rules

The AIAC takes pride in providing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) users with unrivalled quality of service, flexibility and effectiveness. With over 40 years of experience and expertise, we strive to ensure that your ADR matters administered by our secretariat are conclusively resolved by awards that are enforceable, whilst guarded by strict confidentiality and neutrality standards that are expected of an international arbitration institution of our stature.

All ADR proceedings administered by the AIAC are governed by a comprehensive set of rules, guidelines and protocols that are in accordance with the latest international best practices and standards for ADR. As a testament to its front-line stance in paving the way for innovation in ADR, the AIAC has expanded its rules to cater to the growing demands of the global business community with the introduction of the AIAC Arbitration Rules (revised in 2021), the AIAC i-Arbitration Rules, the AIAC Fast Track Rules and the AIAC Mediation Rules. These rules are kept under constant revision and are continually updated to ensure relevance with commercial practicalities and expectations.

The AIAC also publishes guides and circulars to facilitate the use of and understanding of its rules, serving as a guideline to appointed neutrals in their conduct of arbitration proceedings. These publications are produced in response to requests from our stakeholders in the ADR community, thus ensuring continuous feedback that is vital for the AIAC as a leading international arbitration institution.

To commence arbitral proceedings under the AIAC Arbitration Rules, AIAC Fast Track Arbitration Rules or AIAC i-Arbitration Rules, please kindly ensure that an arbitration agreement refers the dispute to arbitration under the respective set of the AIAC’s Rules:

AIAC Arbitration Rules 2023

AIAC i-Arbitration Rules 2023

Asian Sports Arbitration Rules

AIAC Arbitration Rules 2021

AIAC i-Arbitration Rules 2021

AIAC Arbitration Rules 2018

AIAC Arbitration Rules 2017

AIAC Arbitration Rules 2013

AIAC Fast Track Arbitration Rules 2018

AIAC i-Arbitration Rules 2018

AIAC i-Arbitration Rules 2017

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Ad hoc arbitration under the Arbitration Act of Malaysia 2005 (Act 646)

Arbitration Act of Malaysia 2005 (revised in 2018)

Arbitration (Amendment) Act 2018

Investor-State arbitration

The AIAC not only administers a wide variety of arbitration matters but also offers its state-of-the-art facilities for investment arbitration hearings administered by the International Centre for Settlement of Investments Disputes and Permanent Court of Arbitration. The AIAC can also administer investment disputes under Article 33(1)(e) of the 2009 ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement.