Internship Period: 2023


The internship programme at the Asian International Arbitration Centre (“AIAC”) is designed to provide undergraduate and postgraduate students with an opportunity to undergo institutional and practical experience in Arbitration and other methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”). We aim to expose our interns to the technicalities of arbitration and ADR from an institutional and industry perspective and prepare them for a career in this field. The AIAC internship is in no way to be taken or treated as recruitment for employment at the AIAC or otherwise, but can be a decisive stepping stone in exploring career opportunities in this field.

Although the AIAC receives a great amount of interest in our internship programme from students around the world, we are constrained to limit the number of internship positions offered to interested individuals each year so as to ensure optimum results in the quality and delivery of our internship programme.

Features of Programme

  1. The programme is typically performed on a full-time basis with interns expected to work five days a week from Mondays to Fridays during normal working hours between 8.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m., in the department which they have been assigned to, carrying out their tasks under the supervision of an AIAC Case Counsel.
  2. Interns will be requested to undertake tasks in connection with the administration of ADR cases at the AIAC as well as ongoing projects of the AIAC, which may include, amongst others:
    • assisting in research and preparation of legal and administrative texts or studies on international/domestic arbitration;
    • assisting in the collection and analysis of case law in the field of domestic and international arbitration;
    • undertaking ad hoc legal and administrative tasks as requested;
    • assisting in drafting promotional materials as well as website and publication related content; and
    • assisting in the planning and execution of the AIAC’s projects and related events.
  3. Where networking opportunities are presented throughout the duration of the internship, interns are encouraged to meet and speak to members of the ADR fraternity including the AIAC’s panel of arbitrators/ adjudicators/ mediators to enhance their knowledge and gain insight on the industry.

Completion of Programme

Before completing an internship at the AIAC, interns will be required to submit a short report between 1000 – 1500 words on arbitration or an ADR mechanism of their choice. The report should focus on the areas covered during the internship programme and highlight specific insight in that particular area with the experience they have gained as an intern in respect thereof.

Upon submission of the said report, interns are required to participate in an exit interview with their supervisor. Once satisfactory completion of the internship programme is confirmed by their supervisor, the interns will be given a Certificate of Completion.

Application Procedures

The AIAC accept students of all age, ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate levels, from Malaysia and overseas. Applicants should contact the AIAC’s Head of Human Resources, Ms. Indira Naidu at and where possible, provide the following:

  • duly completed AIAC Internship Application Form;
  • curriculum vitae with a passport-sized photograph;
  • letter of reference from the applicant’s University, College or higher learning institution;
  • preferred internship period and duration (preferred minimum of 3 months) with an indication of the preferred commencement dates between January – December;
  • areas of possible research interest;
  • a one-page cover letter explaining the applicant’s interest in an internship at the AIAC; and
  • a writing sample, preferably on arbitration or ADR-related topic.

Conditions and Qualifications Required

  • applicants must either be an undergraduate or postgraduate law student and will need to demonstrate an excellent academic record;
  • strong command of the English language;
  • computer and IT literate;
  • must have excellent organisational and communication skills; and
  • knowledge of and/or exposure to ADR and/or legal profession is desirable.


Throughout the internship period, interns will be exposed to:

  • the role of the AIAC as an ADR provider in Malaysia and globally;
  • the various sources of law governing arbitration, adjudication, mediation and other ADR mechanisms, particularly in the Malaysian context;
  • insight into the procedural aspects of the different ADR mechanisms;
  • observe and experience the practice of institutional knowledge in the conduct of arbitration, mediation and adjudication matters;
  • potential opportunities, where available, to observe and experience the conduct of arbitration, mediation and adjudication proceedings;
  • the process involved in the passing of legislations as well as the work undertaken by the AIAC with stakeholders leading to the amendment of ADR-related legislations such as the Arbitration Act 2005, Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012, and Mediation Act 2005;
  • recent developments in the ADR industry;
  • the role and work undertaken by law firms and parties in the filing of cases with the AIAC;
  • drafting and advocacy skills;
  • communication, analytical, problem-solving and organisation skills;
  • participation and involvement in the work and projects carried out by the AIAC’s Young Practitioners Group (“YPG”); and
  • an extensive global network of past and present AIAC interns and staff members.


As part of the 3-month structured internship programme, interns will participate in the following non-exhaustive list of specially curated programmes. For the avoidance of any doubt, the AIAC retains absolute discretion in revising the conduct and facilitation of the same, which may be subject to change.

  1. Orientation Day
    Interns will be given an overview of the organisation of the AIAC, in particular, the Centre’s role as a provider of ADR services. Each intern will be assigned to a mentor who is a Case Counsel, to whom the intern should report to. This will be followed by an office tour, introducing the interns to the different offices and departments within the premises of Bangunan Sulaiman. Interns will be expected, thereafter, to observe the rules and protocols set out by the AIAC during Orientation Day.
  2. Case Management Overview
    Interns will be guided on how ADR cases are administered at the AIAC. Interns will also be tasked with running case diagnosis, drafting letters, conflict of interest checks, and other case related documentation, in addition with instructions on following up on cases administered.
  3. Institutional case management processes at the AIAC
    Interns will be given an opportunity to experience the process of institutional case management practices by shadowing a Case Counsel in the administration of an ADR matter from its commencement to conclusion.
  4. Sit-in for ADR cases administered at the AIAC
    Interns will be given an opportunity to sit in and witness case proceedings at the AIAC, subject to availability and the approval of the parties concerned. The AIAC’s code of conduct shall be applicable at all material times.
  5. AIAC’s Operations and Business Development Department
    In providing a wholesome and beneficial internship experience to all AIAC interns, at any time during the period of the internship, interns will be attached to the AIAC’s Operations Department for a minimum period of one (1) week and the AIAC’s Business Development Department for a minimum period of two (2) weeks. Such a period will be determined by the AIAC’s Management on a case-by-case basis.
  6. Interns’ Mooting Competition
    Interns will be given an opportunity to participate in an internal AIAC mooting competition with fellow interns where they will be split and selected to appear either as Claimant or Respondent and make their case according to a provided Moot Problem. The Interns’ Mooting Competition will also involve the submission of a Memoranda representing their client which will precede the Oral Submission.
  7. Conduct of Mock Mediation Proceedings
    Interns will be expected to draft a fictional dispute and demonstrate their mediation skills in a mock mediation.
  8. Hosting Talks / Events
    Interns will be tasked with organising talks throughout the duration of their internship as part of the capacity building initiatives of the AIAC and the AIAC YPG.
  9. Final Oral Presentation
    Each intern will be required to undertake a final presentation on an ADR-related topic. The topic considered should be relevant to the work that the AIAC undertakes, which interns have either found themselves encountering in the course of their internship or otherwise.
  10. Article Writing / Report Submission
    Interns will be given a topic to undertake research on and to thereafter draft an article on, as part of the AIAC’s requirement for the submission of a written report upon conclusion of an internship. The article shall, ideally, be a written product of the topic considered in the Final Oral Presentation.
  11. Client meeting
    Interns will assist the AIAC Case Counsel in attending to walk-in enquiries.
  12. Monthly feedback & sharing session
    At the end of the month, interns are required to attend a session with their mentors where the interns will be given feedback on their performance.

Scheduling of Programmes

Upon meeting with their assigned supervisor, interns will be expected to discuss the scheduling of programmes and diarise the same to be followed throughout the duration of their internship. In the event of unexpected and sudden scheduling conflicts, proper arrangements should be undertaken by the intern to attend to such postponement and confirmation of such new dates. Notwithstanding any proposed scheduling, the AIAC retains absolute discretion in revising the conduct and facilitation of all programmes, which may be subject to change.

How to apply?

  1. Download and fill up the application form.
  2. Email us with a cover letter, resume and completed form with position in the “subject” line.
  3. Please submit your application to
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